Your Home Is Your Castle and Your Water Quality Should Reflect That, Says Greenwater Technologies

Green Water TechnologiesAs an authorized distributor for the GE Pro Elite™ Professional Water Series, Greenwater Technologies spends a lot of time contemplating water quality. Here, the company explains options to clean a home’s water supply.

Water is one of life’s absolute necessities, says Greenwater Technologies. But, is the water you drink and use each day really clean? Despite strict EPA standards, much of our nation’s drinking water contains contaminants in the form of nitrates, arsenic, microbes, and unnecessary minerals. These impurities can affect the flavor of water and even our health.

Although people believe that making the switch to bottled water is a fix-all, it actually isn’t, says the team at Greenwater Technologies. Drinking bottled water comes with its own set of caveats – uncertain quality, exorbitant price, and negative environmental impact in the form of un-recycled plastic. Continue reading

Green Water Technologies Describes the Benefits of Good Water Quality

Green Water TechnologiesBesides the benefits of drinking more water, having fresher water in your house can improve appliance efficiency, reduce wear and tear on plumbing, cut down on cleaning time, and contribute in a variety of other ways around the house, according to the Green Water Technologies team.

Q: According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), the top causes of disease outbreaks are related to drinking water. What is in the water that makes people sick?

Green Water Technologies: Contaminated water containing organic and inorganic matter, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants has been linked to life-threatening health issues. Some studies have found that high levels of lead in drinking water delay physical and mental development in children. Continue reading

Green Water Technologies Reports on the Latest in Water Quality Trading

Green Water Technologies According to the experienced professionals at Texas-based Green Water Technologies, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is working diligently alongside its partners to assist farmers, forest landowners and ranchers across the country. These dedicated public servants expend valuable time and money to sustain many of our country’s natural resources – water, air, habitats – while protecting the environment.

Farmers in the United States produce food for both domestic and international sources, notes Green Water Technologies. The USDA has devoted an ample amount of time and energy over the past few years to encourage water quality trading and eliminate many of the harsh pollutants compromising the water supply reaching many homes and businesses. Continue reading

Green Water Technologies – Water Treatment 101

Green Water TechnologiesFor the benefits of all Americans, Green Water Technologies in Texas offers a few long-held myths about water treatment and addresses each one in order to give further advice and guidance about the state of the industry.

Purity of Bottled Water

Although many people believe that bottled water sold at grocery stores across the country is safe, it may actually contain several chemicals and contaminants, reports Green Water Technologies. The water in brand-named products could include traces of aluminum, bacteria and chloride, among other harsh contaminants. Continue reading

Green Water Technologies on the Relationship Between Eczema and Hard Water

Green Water TechnologiesScientists are investigating the benefits of a water softener in terms of alleviating eczema symptoms in young children, reports the team at Green Water Technologies. In a study by the U.S. Department of Health, researchers seek to understand the differing effects of soft (conditioned) and hard (unconditioned) water on a person’s skin. The results could signal the need for today’s families to introduce a water softener like the GE Pro Elite into their homes.

Green Water Technologies notes that eczema has been consistently found in areas where hard (unconditioned) water is present. Eczema typically occurs on the neck, face, and the insides of ankles, knees and elbows. Affected areas often appear scaly, thickened and dry. In infants, this itchy and annoying rash may produce a crusting, oozing condition with patches on various parts of the body such as the neck, scalp, legs, forearms, cheeks and forehead. Continue reading

Green Water Technologies: Water Softeners Reduce Damage to Expensive Appliances

Green Water TechnologiesWater softeners named one of the very best household appliances by Battelle Memorial Institute, reports Green Water Technologies.

Hard water has been found to damage appliances. According to Green Water Technologies, this is one of the findings of a recent study commissioned by the Water Quality Research Foundation and executed by Battelle Memorial Institute. Green Water Technologies says the study indicates that hard, unconditioned water is a contributing factor to appliance failure, landfill overuse, and increased energy consumption.

Green Water Technologies describes Battelle as an independent research facility dedicated to the advancement of technology and the integrity of applied sciences. The study conducted by Battelle supports Green Water Technologies in its quest to help Texas residents lead greener, healthier lives by hitting on certain key points.
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Green Water Technologies Explains the Features and Benefits of the GE Pro Elite

Green Water TechnologiesGreen Water Technologies is an authorized dealer of the Pro Elite™ system, a professional-level water treatment product offered by General Electric (GE). GE has recognized Green Water Technologies as a top-level sales and service provider for this system, noting its exceptional ability to inform others about the exciting features and benefits of this water treatment system.

As Green Water Technologies tells customers, the Pro Elite conditions water using sophisticated resin media, which attract undesirable minerals, foul odors and tastes, some chemicals such as chlorine and remove them from the water as it passes through the tank. Household water is then fully conditioned by the time it reaches family members, resulting in professional-level water treatment right at home.

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