Green Water Technologies on Water Softening

Green Water TechnologiesGreen Water Technologies has a dedicated team of licensed professional water treatment specialists who are committed to providing the best equipment and expert service to consumers in San Antonio and the South Texas area.

Q: What is water softening?

Green Water Technologies: It is the process of removing calcium and certain minerals that damage appliances, diminish the cleaning ability of detergents, and leave residue on clothing, dishes, glass, porcelain, tile and other household items.

Q: Why is hard water undesirable?

Green Water Technologies: Hard water is made up of calcium and minerals that appear as white residue or a scale called limestone or calcium carbonate. Limestone scale is an abrasive rock-like material. It damages appliances and pipes, causes filming and spotting on dishes and glassware, and leaves a dull residue on clothing.

Q: Is hard water dangerous?

Green Water Technologies: The elements in water that make it hard are not a health problem. However, hard water does add to landfill problems by shortening the life of appliances. It damages appliances causing them to consume more energy and generate higher repair bills. Fabric is also harmed by hard water so the life of clothing and household linens is shortened, creating more expense to replace them. Having hard water can be costly in many ways.

Q: How do I find the right system?

Green Water Technologies: When looking for a water treatment system, it is important to make sure it has been tested and certified to national standards such as NSF/ANSI 44. The Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment Systems by GE are only available through authorized dealers such as Green Water Technologies. Our water treatment specialists are trained to determine the best system for their clients’ needs and are dedicated to providing the finest water equipment and services to their customers.