Green Water Technologies Explains the Features and Benefits of the GE Pro Elite

Green Water TechnologiesGreen Water Technologies is an authorized dealer of the Pro Elite™ system, a professional-level water treatment product offered by General Electric (GE). GE has recognized Green Water Technologies as a top-level sales and service provider for this system, noting its exceptional ability to inform others about the exciting features and benefits of this water treatment system.

As Green Water Technologies tells customers, the Pro Elite conditions water using sophisticated resin media, which attract undesirable minerals, foul odors and tastes, some chemicals such as chlorine and remove them from the water as it passes through the tank. Household water is then fully conditioned by the time it reaches family members, resulting in professional-level water treatment right at home.

But this is only the beginning of the features provided by the Pro Elite, according to Green Water Technologies. The system is energy star certified and utilizes digital technology to monitor water conditions around the clock, adjusting as needed to the changing constituents and water temperatures while continuously providing conditioned water. Green Water Technologies explains that with the Pro Elite, customers are assured quality water 24 hours a day, even as water consumption changes.

The innovative design and high efficiency of the Pro Elite puts it far ahead of other home water treatment systems on the market, Green Water Technologies has found. As Green Water Technologies describes, the Pro Elite utilizes a proven conductivity cell design. The digital controller monitors the system throughout its use, adjusting the system capacity to match a family’s daily usage.

Green Water Technologies also points out that the design of the Pro Elite makes it an attractive addition to any household. Unlike classic water purification systems, GE has designed this system to be aesthetically pleasing whether placed in a closet or out in the open. Because water is regenerated only as it is needed, Green Water Technologies has found that the system saves money for households, cutting down on water and energy usage.

Because the system improves the quality of water, Green Water Technologies customers say that they spend less on soap, shampoo and other household products. Conditioned water also doesn’t leave a residue on sinks, tubs and fixtures, adds Green Water Technologies, and customers report that after a shower they simply feel cleaner.

Green Water Technologies is proud to represent GE in selling its innovative Pro Elite system. As the Pro Elite becomes more popular, Green Water Technologies believes it will become a fixture in a large number of homes. Throughout Texas, Green Water Technologies clients have sung the praises of this new system, leading Green Water Technologies to enthusiastically recommend the GE Pro Elite water treatment system.