Green Water Technologies: Water Softeners Reduce Damage to Expensive Appliances

Green Water TechnologiesWater softeners named one of the very best household appliances by Battelle Memorial Institute, reports Green Water Technologies.

Hard water has been found to damage appliances. According to Green Water Technologies, this is one of the findings of a recent study commissioned by the Water Quality Research Foundation and executed by Battelle Memorial Institute. Green Water Technologies says the study indicates that hard, unconditioned water is a contributing factor to appliance failure, landfill overuse, and increased energy consumption.

Green Water Technologies describes Battelle as an independent research facility dedicated to the advancement of technology and the integrity of applied sciences. The study conducted by Battelle supports Green Water Technologies in its quest to help Texas residents lead greener, healthier lives by hitting on certain key points.

Gas water heaters lost up to 48 percent efficiency when operated with unconditioned water. Green Water Technologies says the study further examined daily usage and indicated that the costs of gas water heaters using hard water rose between 4 and 8 percent daily as opposed to those utilizing softened water.

Electric water heaters can retain up to 30 pounds of mineral accumulation. Green Water Technologies explains that calcium carbonate, a hard, rock-like residue, can stress the appliance’s heating element, leading to higher operating temperature. This renders the heater far less efficient than with conditioned water, says Green Water Technologies.

Tankless water heaters experienced the most dramatic damage, says Green Water Technologies. The effect of hard, unconditioned water in these appliances is far greater than excessive energy consumption, explains Green Water Technologies. Tankless water heaters experienced a complete functionality failure after just over a year and a half of equivalent water heating. Green Water Technologies nods to those using softened water as having retained original factory efficiency for a full 15 years.

Indoor faucets began to show signs of corrosion causing decreased water pressure after less than three weeks running hard, unconditioned water, reports Green Water Technologies. By contrast, those pouring conditioned water performed like new throughout the study, providing the manufacturer’s required 1.25 gallons per minute, says Green Water Technologies. Showerheads were also adversely affected, and those tested lost 75 percent of their original water flow after just 18 months, Green Water Technology reports.

Water consuming appliances were tested on both hard and soft water. Green Water Technologies says that the study revealed a dire need for descaling after 30 days for clothes washers and dishwashers. Those operating on softened water were considered clean with nothing beyond a surface wipe down.

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