Green Water Technologies Reports on the Latest in Water Quality Trading

Green Water Technologies According to the experienced professionals at Texas-based Green Water Technologies, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is working diligently alongside its partners to assist farmers, forest landowners and ranchers across the country. These dedicated public servants expend valuable time and money to sustain many of our country’s natural resources – water, air, habitats – while protecting the environment.

Farmers in the United States produce food for both domestic and international sources, notes Green Water Technologies. The USDA has devoted an ample amount of time and energy over the past few years to encourage water quality trading and eliminate many of the harsh pollutants compromising the water supply reaching many homes and businesses. Continue reading


Green Water Technologies – Water Treatment 101

Green Water TechnologiesFor the benefits of all Americans, Green Water Technologies in Texas offers a few long-held myths about water treatment and addresses each one in order to give further advice and guidance about the state of the industry.

Purity of Bottled Water

Although many people believe that bottled water sold at grocery stores across the country is safe, it may actually contain several chemicals and contaminants, reports Green Water Technologies. The water in brand-named products could include traces of aluminum, bacteria and chloride, among other harsh contaminants. Continue reading