Green Water Technologies – Water Treatment 101

Green Water TechnologiesFor the benefits of all Americans, Green Water Technologies in Texas offers a few long-held myths about water treatment and addresses each one in order to give further advice and guidance about the state of the industry.

Purity of Bottled Water

Although many people believe that bottled water sold at grocery stores across the country is safe, it may actually contain several chemicals and contaminants, reports Green Water Technologies. The water in brand-named products could include traces of aluminum, bacteria and chloride, among other harsh contaminants.

Environmental Friendliness of Bottled Water

Plastic water bottles may be viewed by much of the buying public as a recyclable material. The statistics don’t lie, though: Almost 2.5 million bottles are thrown away each hour, causing a significant problem in our nation’s landfills. Even worse, the plastic used for water bottles does not biodegrade and may result in significant environmental damage, notes Green Water Technologies.

Water Treatment Industry Agendas and Jurisdiction

In the water treatment industry, many companies and organizations set up shop without verifying their ability to provide service to homes and offices in their region. Green Water Technologies encourages all homeowners and business owners to conduct extensive research to determine whether or not their water treatment providers are licensed and certified. As an example, Green Water Technologies has undergone rigorous testing from state and local authorities to prove their abilities and can share these credentials with all inquiring consumers.

Water Softening Systems and Programs

Traditional water-softening processes may not be completely effective in eliminating chemicals and contaminants. Cheaper systems fail to protect families and communities through their inefficient processes. The expert representatives at Green Water Technologies are proud to offer the GE Pro Elite as an excellent system for treating unconditioned (hard) water and eliminating contaminants from a water supply.