Your Home Is Your Castle and Your Water Quality Should Reflect That, Says Greenwater Technologies

Green Water TechnologiesAs an authorized distributor for the GE Pro Elite™ Professional Water Series, Greenwater Technologies spends a lot of time contemplating water quality. Here, the company explains options to clean a home’s water supply.

Water is one of life’s absolute necessities, says Greenwater Technologies. But, is the water you drink and use each day really clean? Despite strict EPA standards, much of our nation’s drinking water contains contaminants in the form of nitrates, arsenic, microbes, and unnecessary minerals. These impurities can affect the flavor of water and even our health.

Although people believe that making the switch to bottled water is a fix-all, it actually isn’t, says the team at Greenwater Technologies. Drinking bottled water comes with its own set of caveats – uncertain quality, exorbitant price, and negative environmental impact in the form of un-recycled plastic. Continue reading