Your Home Is Your Castle and Your Water Quality Should Reflect That, Says Greenwater Technologies

Green Water TechnologiesAs an authorized distributor for the GE Pro Elite™ Professional Water Series, Greenwater Technologies spends a lot of time contemplating water quality. Here, the company explains options to clean a home’s water supply.

Water is one of life’s absolute necessities, says Greenwater Technologies. But, is the water you drink and use each day really clean? Despite strict EPA standards, much of our nation’s drinking water contains contaminants in the form of nitrates, arsenic, microbes, and unnecessary minerals. These impurities can affect the flavor of water and even our health.

Although people believe that making the switch to bottled water is a fix-all, it actually isn’t, says the team at Greenwater Technologies. Drinking bottled water comes with its own set of caveats – uncertain quality, exorbitant price, and negative environmental impact in the form of un-recycled plastic.

Those who are concerned about the quality of the water in their homes may elect to have a water assessment test performed. The test will check for both primary and secondary water standards and look for organic and inorganic chemicals, as well as harmless minerals that can affect the taste. It also looks for copper and iron which can damage appliances and leave unattractive stains in sinks in tub basins.

There are many different water purification, or softening, systems available on the market today.  According to Greenwater Technologies, these run the gamut of price, efficiency, and volume and are available as water filter pitchers, faucet-mounted filters, or under the sink systems. By far the most efficient, however, are reverse osmosis whole-home water softening systems such as the Pro Elite™ Professional Water Series by GE. A system such as the GE Pro Elite™, notes Greenwater Technologies, can eliminate unconditioned water from the home. This makes it easier to drink, more efficient on delicate appliances, better for your skin, and healthier for you.