Green Water Technologies Explains Functions of Water in Human Body

Green Water TechnologiesIt is an undisputed fact that water is essential to life. According to the experts at Green Water Technologies, every living thing requires water in order to stay alive. Here, representatives from the Texas-based water filtration service provider answer questions about water and life.

Q: Why is it so important that humans drink enough water?

Green Water Technologies: Water carries nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body. It eases the burden on the liver and kidneys by flushing waste products. Water helps regulate body temperature, ensuring that we don’t overheat in extreme climates. Water plays a major role in every system of the body; without it, life could not exist.

Q: Does water interact with nutrients and minerals?

Green Water Technologies: Water works 24 hours a day to dissolve minerals and nutrients, making them more absorbable and accessible to the body. Water is considered a universal solvent and can break down virtually everything we ingest to either distribute it throughout our systems or purge it from our bodies.

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