Green Water Technologies | Water Wars

Green Water TechnologiesIn the battle of tap vs. bottled water, there’s a clear winner, say the water experts at Green Water Technologies. Tap water, time and again, has proven superior to its more expensive, cleverly marketed bottled counterparts. And today, more and more consumers are starting to take note as they learn exactly what’s in their bottled water.

Bottled water, straight from the tap

According to Green Water Technologies, bottled water is often just tap water anyway. Many major water bottling companies purchase their water for pennies on the dollar from municipal water supplies. And while this water is treated and purified, it’s often no better from a health or taste standpoint than drinking straight from the tap.

Bottled bacteria?

Many consumers grab their daily bottle of water from the store with a completely trusting grasp. However, Green Water Technologies explains that a 1999 study funded by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that approximately 33% of all tested private label bottled water contained harmful bacteria exceeding industry standards. This same research project also found a correlation between bacteria and carcinogenic chemical contaminants.

Warm bottles a hotly debated subject

While typically considered safe, most bottled water is packaged in a polyethylene plastic compound. Unfortunately, excessive exposure to temperatures above 75° may cause chemicals in the bottle to leach into the water.

An indefinite impact

Green Water Technologies says one of the biggest problems with bottled water is its ever-increasing impact on the environment. Manufacturing empty water bottles alone uses 72 billion gallons of water every year. Alarmingly, most of this plastic winds up in landfills, where it can take a millennium to biodegrade.

Terrific from the tap

So what does this mean for good old-fashioned tap water? It suggests that tap water is a superior choice over bottled water, especially when processed at home through an advanced water treatment appliance, such as the GE Pro-Elite, available in South Texas exclusively through Green Water Technologies.