Green Water Technologies: Water Wasted

Green Water TechnologiesIn today’s post, the water experts at Green Water Technologies explain how multiple billions of gallons of fresh water are wasted each year.

Poor infrastructure

According to Green Water Technologies, the first water system in the United States was built out of hollow logs, creatively fashioned together by the country’s first plumbers. While we’ve come a long way utilizing new materials since then, our water supply system is far from perfect. In North America, there’s approximately one million miles of water pipelines – enough to circle the globe more than three dozen times. Leaky pipes in New York City alone waste 36 million gallons of water every day.

Excessive use

Every day in America, every single person uses around 100 gallons of water for bathing, food preparation, and drinking. Green Water Technologies says European residents use about half that. By contrast, people living in the furthest reaches of the sub-Saharan desert have very little access to water and only use around two to five gallons per day.

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