Green Water Technologies Explains Why Humans Can’t Drink Salt Water

Green Water TechnologiesThere is more salt water on Earth than freshwater, says the water mavens from Green Water Technologies. But for all its benefits, including recreation, there is one important thing saltwater simply can’t do and that is sustain human life.

Q: Why can’t humans drink salt water?

Green Water Technologies: While salt is a necessary nutrient, too much or too little can wreak havoc on the body’s operating system. It can essentially cause the body to dehydrate and shut down.

Q: Doesn’t the body have a way to stabilize sodium?

Green Water Technologies: At a cellular level, yes. The body is capable of stabilizing some salt and prevent excess from entering our cells since each cell is outfitted with a semipermeable membrane. However, semipermeable is not impermeable and, under enough pressure, salinated water can replace the cell’s water content.

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