Green Water Technologies | World’s Most Perfect Water

Green Water TechnologiesThere may not be such a thing as perfect drinking water but there are certainly bodies of water that offer the perfect balance of beauty and cleanliness to enjoy for leisure or recreation. Here, Texas-based water filtration provider Green Water Technologies opens up about some of the world’s most beautiful – and clean – bodies of water.

Crater Lake

Oregon’s Crater Lake has been called the cleanest large body of water on Earth. According to Green Water Technologies, this 1,943 foot deep lake is fed almost entirely by rain and snow. There are no incoming rivers or streams to deposit sediment, mud, and contaminants.

Lake Vostok

Located in Antarctica, this subglacial Lake, which is more than 20 million years old, is completely untouched by human hands. As Green Water Technologies points out, you aren’t likely going to be able to visit Lake Vostok but this pristine body of water is part of a vast network and covers more than 15,500 km².

Unnamed location in the South Pacific

Unfortunately, researchers have not given this oceanic section of water a name but there is an area in the South Pacific Ocean that’s almost completely void of life. Located off the shores of Easter Island, the South Pacific Ocean is largely considered one of the least life-sustaining bodies of water, reports Green Water Technologies. This lack of biodiversity gives the water almost unrivaled visibility.

Blue Lake

In the heart of New Zealand lies Blue Lake, a seven-meter deep spring-fed lake that takes some work to visit. Part of the Nelson Lakes National Park, Blue Lake can be reached via the village of St. Arnaud. According to Green Water Technologies, the reason for the lake’s clarity is that a vast majority of debris is filtered out as water passes into Blue Lake from Lake Constance through a natural dam created by a landslide.