Green Water Technologies: How Pure is Bottled Water?

Green Water TechnologiesBottled water is often touted as a convenient option for healthy hydration when you’re on the go. But, according to Texas-based Green Water Technologies, bottled water may not be as good for you as the bottle leads you to believe.

Q: What factors determine the health of the water we drink?

Green Water Technologies: Water is, of course, the best way to hydrate. However, depending on its source, it may have contaminants that can be downright bad for your health. These include bacteria, contaminants of emerging concern, such as waste from cosmetic and household cleaning products, and even algal bloom from lakes and other water sources.

Q: Is bottled water safer than tap water?

Green Water Technologies: While it’s easy to think it is, the truth is that tap water is probably your best bet. This is because there is currently no specific law that requires water bottlers to disclose potential contaminants. And really, the vast majority of commercially sold water in the United States comes from a municipal source, the same as the water you get at home.

Q: What’s the primary difference between bottled and tap water then?

Green Water Technologies: Water flowing into your home has been treated and tested for contaminants, including those you can and cannot see. City and county water supplies undergo vigorous and continual inspections. But, public water is not without its flaws, either. Aging infrastructure and excessive calcium can make drinking water unpleasant and even harmful to your home.

Q: What is the best way to ensure quality drinking water at home?

Green Water Technologies: A home water filtration system, such as the GE Pro Elite, can reduce undesirable additives in your water, such as calcium and magnesium. This will affect the taste in a positive way and can prevent these minerals from building up and potentially causing premature failure of your water-using appliances.