Green Water Technologies | Calcium Hidden in Drinking Water

Green Water TechnologiesThe vast majority of drinking water in the United States comes from groundwater stores that start out as rain says Green Water Technologies. While in theory, water is nothing more than two hydrogen and one oxygen molecule. But drinking water isn’t pure thanks to the ground upon which it sits.

Experts at Green Water Technologies explain that rain passing through the atmosphere is enriched with carbon dioxide. When combined with H2O, carbon dioxide, or CO2, forms a calcium solvent. This solvent, carbonic acid, remains in the water as it hits the ground, where it begins to pull calcium from stone as water passes along the earth. While this is absolutely not harmful to human health, excessive calcium and other minerals can significantly damage water pipes as well is water-using modern appliances.

Calcium scale, which Green Water Technologies explains forms on the heating element of a hot water heater, is one example of how hard, or unconditioned, water causes trouble at home. This calcium scale clings to the heating coils and builds up quickly resulting in an inefficient hot-water heater. Other effects of hard, unconditioned water can be seen in the dishwasher. Dishes, and specifically delicate glass, washed and rinsed in a home with hard water will develop a dullness that can be attributed to etching. Etching that the staff at Green Water Technologies says is caused by minute calcium and mineral deposits.

Green Water Technologies acknowledges that drinking calcium-infused water is generally considered safe and may, in calcium-deficient individuals, provide some health benefits. However, for the vast majority of Americans with a hard water problem, this calcium cost money in the form of prematurely replaced appliances and plumbing issues.

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