Green Water Technologies | Why is there Calcium in Water?

Green Water TechnologiesThe water we drink each day may look crisp and clean, but the reality is there is much more going on in the glass than meets the eye. According to Green Water Technologies, calcium is one of the most common minerals found in virtually all water sources.

Green Water Technologies explains that calcium is entered into an area’s water source as it dissolves from limestone and other natural materials. It is one of the two impurities measured when testing for water hardness.

Is calcium harmful?

Calcium is not harmful to the human body, even when ingested as hard water. In fact, it may have some health benefits for calcium deficient people. However, water with a significant amount of calcium, which is measured in parts per million, is not helpful to a home’s water-using appliances. Green Water Technologies notes that very hard water can actually result in appliance wearout as well as leave difficult-to-remove markings on the bathtub, sinks, and dishes.

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