Green Water Technologies on the Effects of Dehydration

Green Water TechnologiesDehydration is a common condition, and typically one easily fixed by simply drinking water. However, as experts from Texas-based Green Water Technologies explains, prolonged dehydration can have serious health consequences.

Mild dehydration has an immediate impact on mood, motor coordination, and memory. Further, there is data to suggest that brain tissue is one of the first areas to experience a loss in fluid volume, which can result in headaches. The heart suffers as well, according to water technicians from Green Water Technologies, who have made it a priority to understand the relationship between water, water quality, and human health. As the body becomes dehydrated, blood becomes thicker, making it more difficult for the cardiovascular system to work properly.

Humans have the ability to go without food for a few weeks. But just days without water can be fatal. Severe dehydration is a serious issue requiring emergency medical treatment.

Fortunately, as representatives from Green Water Technologies explain, it is not difficult to intake an adequate amount of water. Water is derived not only from liquids, but also from foods, especially high-water fruits, such as watermelons and oranges. Most experts suggest drinking the equivalent of half your body weight in ounces each day. So for example, a 120 pound woman should strive for approximately 60 ounces of non-diuretic liquids in a 24-hour period.

According to Green Water Technologies, there are a few signs that dehydration is creeping in. These include failure to urinate at least three times each day, a pungent smell when you do urinate, and a dry mouth.

The quickest, and typically safest, source of water is tap water. However, if your home’s water smells or tastes chlorinated or otherwise unpleasant, you are less likely to drink enough. In this case, a whole home water filtration system, such as that provided by Green Water Technologies, can eliminate odors, which should encourage you to drink your fair share.