Green Water Technologies | Austin’s Odor Problem

Green Water TechnologiesAccording to the water filtration experts at Green Water Technologies, all sorts of things can affect water quality. Sometimes, things like bacteria and organic matter can make their way into water pipes and change the way water tastes or smells. Recently, Austin, Texas, had a rather unusual water quality issue: zebra mussels.

In early February, residents around South and Central Austin noticed a rather unpleasant odor coming from the faucet. Initially, the city blamed water line construction but, after further investigation, determine that the scent was the result of an infestation of zebra mussels in the city’s raw water system. Green Water Technologies explains that this did not pose a threat to human health, but was a major olfactory offender.

The zebra mussels were first found at the Ullrich water treatment plant in 2018. The plant, explains Green Water Technologies, is in close proximity to Lake Austin, which has a known zebra mussel problem. The water supply line was shut down for approximately two weeks before residents began to notice the smell.

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