Green Water Technologies | Wasted Water

Green Water TechnologiesContrary to the widely accepted belief that the world has an unlimited supply of water, the truth is the natural resources finite. Green Water Technologies insist that it is up to each individual household to be responsible water consumers.

According to Green Water Technologies, a leaking faucet, loose shower head, and broken toilet bowl seal are three of the top causes of residential water waste. Other significant contributors are over watering lawns and gardens and running the water while you brush your teeth.

While behavioral issues that cause waste are easy to identify, others not so much. A normal family of four may use between 5,000 gallons and 12,000 gallons of water each month. Anything higher than this is a good indicator that there is an unknown complete somewhere. Finding at is paramount to stopping unnecessary water usage, Green Water Technologies stresses.

To look for a leaky toilet bowl, grab the food coloring. Five or six drops of a bright color into the toilet tank is the best way to reveal a leak. Green Water Technologies explains that the water in your bowl should remain clear. If you see indications of color, it may be time to change the seal between your tank and toilet bowl. Hidden leaks may require cutting into the wall behind your faucets and bath fixtures.

Green Water Technologies notes that water conservation is especially important during times of drought. This is why most cities restrict things like filling a swimming pool and watering the lawn during the driest part of summer. If you live in a dry climate, you can still have a lush lawn and water to wash your vehicles by collecting rainwater during the wet season. Something as simple as a large trashcan connected to your gutter system can help you stash away hundreds of gallons of water that won’t have to come from your local treatment plant.