Green Water Technologies on Water Conservation Careers

Green Water TechnologiesIf you’re considering a career move, and you want to be in a field that protects our natural resources, consider any of the following. Experts from Green Water Technologies lists several jobs that make a difference below.


Contrary to what you might believe, your plumber is responsible for much more than making sure your pipes and toilets work. They are experts in water flow and receive a great deal of training on how to reduce water consumption within residential, commercial, and industrial settings. According to Green Water Technologies, many plumbers work on complex municipal water projects that reduce their entire city’s water footprint and help to reduce water waste and contamination.

Shellfish restoration

If you had to do a double take at that headline, you are not alone. The vast majority of people do not realize that shellfish are a significant contributor to the world’s water quality. But they are, stresses techs at Green Water Technologies, and serve as a natural filter for contaminants. Unfortunately, many shellfish populations are waning thanks to development and industrial progress. A shellfish restoration expert falls under the biosciences category and has the important job of helping to restore the delicate balance of the oceans.

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