Green Water Technologies: This is Your Skin on Water

Green Water TechnologiesAccording to Green Water Technologies, many people are bathing too often, and often in water that has a negative effect on the skin. The water experts report that showering every day, and especially in hard, unconditioned and hot water, can strip the skin of its natural oils.

The experts at Green Water Technologies explain that the skin is covered in a protective layer that contains fatty compounds known as lipids. These lipids provide moisture for the skin and protect against chemicals, allergens, and bacterial intrusion. This barrier is essential for skin health.

Showering regularly in hard, unconditioned water damages this layer of lipids, which is called the stratum corneum. This leaves the skin unprotected and void of the moisture it needs to remain resilient and healthy. Some experts believe that America’s over-infatuation with hygiene may even be responsible for many cases of eczema and other skin conditions. These may be especially pronounced in areas with hard water, such as southern Texas, says Green Water Technologies.

Protect yourself

Green Water Technologies asserts that proper hygiene is paramount to your health. However, they report that the vast majority of men and women to not need to bathe daily. Instead, a bath every other day is usually sufficient, especially for individuals who do not engage in physically demanding or outdoor activities. 

For those who do insist on showering daily, the company suggests having a whole-home water filtration system installed. Green Water Technologies explains that this reduces the amount of minerals – such as calcium – that come into contact with the skin. Further, the company’s water experts recommend turning the temperature down, reducing time in the water to less than 10 minutes, and moisturizing after each bath.

Green Water Technologies notes that dry skin and lifeless hair are both indicators that your home’s water may have a hardness factor that affects the liveliness of your skin and hair.