Green Water Technologies Discusses Unusual Water Facts

Green Water TechnologiesWater is literally everywhere. In the ground; in the air. It’s an unavoidable substance. But, for all we know about this essential life liquid, there’s a lot most people don’t realize. In the following Q&A, Green Water Technologies opens up about some of the lesser-known facts floating around within the Earth’s water supply.

Q: How much of a contaminant does it take to render fresh water undrinkable?

Green Water Technologies: That depends on the substance. For instance, a single gallon of gasoline will taint 750,000 gallons of water. Water is remarkably resilient, however, and cleans itself through what is known as the Water Cycle. This system is so efficient that if human pollution were halted today, it would only take 10 years to clear 98% of the Earth’s groundwater. But with 500 new chemicals being developed each year, chances of that happening are slim. Continue reading