Green Water Technologies: The Bacteria In Your Pool

Green Water TechnologiesIf you are headed to the pool this summer season, you are not alone. Millions of Americans will take a quick dip to cool down. Unfortunately, according to Green Water Technologies, some of these may also be carrying an unwelcome passenger: Cryptosporidium.

Green Water Technologies explains that Cryptosporidium is a bacterium that can be introduced into water by the feces of infected people. Although most folks have the common sense not to go swimming with a have a gastrointestinal disturbance, certain bacteria can linger long after symptoms dissipate. Unfortunately, chlorine is not necessarily effective in killing the bug.

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Green Water Technologies: This is Your Skin on Water

Green Water TechnologiesAccording to Green Water Technologies, many people are bathing too often, and often in water that has a negative effect on the skin. The water experts report that showering every day, and especially in hard, unconditioned and hot water, can strip the skin of its natural oils.

The experts at Green Water Technologies explain that the skin is covered in a protective layer that contains fatty compounds known as lipids. These lipids provide moisture for the skin and protect against chemicals, allergens, and bacterial intrusion. This barrier is essential for skin health.

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Green Water Technologies on Water Conservation Careers

Green Water TechnologiesIf you’re considering a career move, and you want to be in a field that protects our natural resources, consider any of the following. Experts from Green Water Technologies lists several jobs that make a difference below.


Contrary to what you might believe, your plumber is responsible for much more than making sure your pipes and toilets work. They are experts in water flow and receive a great deal of training on how to reduce water consumption within residential, commercial, and industrial settings. According to Green Water Technologies, many plumbers work on complex municipal water projects that reduce their entire city’s water footprint and help to reduce water waste and contamination.

Shellfish restoration

If you had to do a double take at that headline, you are not alone. The vast majority of people do not realize that shellfish are a significant contributor to the world’s water quality. But they are, stresses techs at Green Water Technologies, and serve as a natural filter for contaminants. Unfortunately, many shellfish populations are waning thanks to development and industrial progress. A shellfish restoration expert falls under the biosciences category and has the important job of helping to restore the delicate balance of the oceans.

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Green Water Technologies | Hard Water Better for Pool?

Green Water TechnologiesAs much as hard, unconditioned water can be a pain in the house, the water experts from Green Water Technologies say that it’s actually better when filling a swimming pool. This is true, but water that’s too soft can be a problem, too. As with most things, it’s all about balance.

According to Green Water Technologies, pool walls and floor can take on a white brownish appearance when exposed to hard water. Mineral content determines color, and these deposits can leave stains that won’t be easy to remove. Excessively hard pool water may even have small crystalline deposits scattered throughout, and the ladder and any toys left in contact with water can become discolored. This is because the magnesium and calcium minerals will stick to any surface available. The chemicals you use in your pool try to create a balance and what isn’t needed will seek out a new “home.”

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Green Water Technologies | Wasted Water

Green Water TechnologiesContrary to the widely accepted belief that the world has an unlimited supply of water, the truth is the natural resources finite. Green Water Technologies insist that it is up to each individual household to be responsible water consumers.

According to Green Water Technologies, a leaking faucet, loose shower head, and broken toilet bowl seal are three of the top causes of residential water waste. Other significant contributors are over watering lawns and gardens and running the water while you brush your teeth.

While behavioral issues that cause waste are easy to identify, others not so much. A normal family of four may use between 5,000 gallons and 12,000 gallons of water each month. Anything higher than this is a good indicator that there is an unknown complete somewhere. Finding at is paramount to stopping unnecessary water usage, Green Water Technologies stresses. Continue reading

Green Water Technologies | Austin’s Odor Problem

Green Water TechnologiesAccording to the water filtration experts at Green Water Technologies, all sorts of things can affect water quality. Sometimes, things like bacteria and organic matter can make their way into water pipes and change the way water tastes or smells. Recently, Austin, Texas, had a rather unusual water quality issue: zebra mussels.

In early February, residents around South and Central Austin noticed a rather unpleasant odor coming from the faucet. Initially, the city blamed water line construction but, after further investigation, determine that the scent was the result of an infestation of zebra mussels in the city’s raw water system. Green Water Technologies explains that this did not pose a threat to human health, but was a major olfactory offender.

The zebra mussels were first found at the Ullrich water treatment plant in 2018. The plant, explains Green Water Technologies, is in close proximity to Lake Austin, which has a known zebra mussel problem. The water supply line was shut down for approximately two weeks before residents began to notice the smell.

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Green Water Technologies on the Effects of Dehydration

Green Water TechnologiesDehydration is a common condition, and typically one easily fixed by simply drinking water. However, as experts from Texas-based Green Water Technologies explains, prolonged dehydration can have serious health consequences.

Mild dehydration has an immediate impact on mood, motor coordination, and memory. Further, there is data to suggest that brain tissue is one of the first areas to experience a loss in fluid volume, which can result in headaches. The heart suffers as well, according to water technicians from Green Water Technologies, who have made it a priority to understand the relationship between water, water quality, and human health. As the body becomes dehydrated, blood becomes thicker, making it more difficult for the cardiovascular system to work properly.

Humans have the ability to go without food for a few weeks. But just days without water can be fatal. Severe dehydration is a serious issue requiring emergency medical treatment.

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