Green Water Technologies Explains Why Humans Can’t Drink Salt Water

Green Water TechnologiesThere is more salt water on Earth than freshwater, says the water mavens from Green Water Technologies. But for all its benefits, including recreation, there is one important thing saltwater simply can’t do and that is sustain human life.

Q: Why can’t humans drink salt water?

Green Water Technologies: While salt is a necessary nutrient, too much or too little can wreak havoc on the body’s operating system. It can essentially cause the body to dehydrate and shut down.

Q: Doesn’t the body have a way to stabilize sodium?

Green Water Technologies: At a cellular level, yes. The body is capable of stabilizing some salt and prevent excess from entering our cells since each cell is outfitted with a semipermeable membrane. However, semipermeable is not impermeable and, under enough pressure, salinated water can replace the cell’s water content.

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Green Water Technologies | Water + Kids = Healthy Start to Life

Green Water TechnologiesMost people that we need to drink water each day, but kids especially need exposure to this clearly superior liquid, says the team at Green Water Technologies. Why? Read on to find out.

Water makes you “go”

Water helps push waste products and contaminants out of the system through urination. According to Green Water Technologies, it also carries oxygen throughout the body and since our cells cannot function without oxygen, without water, we would die. Water is a vital part of the digestion process; our digestive juices are primarily made of H2O.

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Green Water Technologies: Water Wasted

Green Water TechnologiesIn today’s post, the water experts at Green Water Technologies explain how multiple billions of gallons of fresh water are wasted each year.

Poor infrastructure

According to Green Water Technologies, the first water system in the United States was built out of hollow logs, creatively fashioned together by the country’s first plumbers. While we’ve come a long way utilizing new materials since then, our water supply system is far from perfect. In North America, there’s approximately one million miles of water pipelines – enough to circle the globe more than three dozen times. Leaky pipes in New York City alone waste 36 million gallons of water every day.

Excessive use

Every day in America, every single person uses around 100 gallons of water for bathing, food preparation, and drinking. Green Water Technologies says European residents use about half that. By contrast, people living in the furthest reaches of the sub-Saharan desert have very little access to water and only use around two to five gallons per day.

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Green Water Technologies Presents Fascinating Facts About Water

Green Water TechnologiesWater is everywhere, but many people don’t realize that just a fraction of 1% of all water on Earth is actually usable. Here, Green Water Technologies, a Texas-based water filtration company, opens up about a few of the more interesting facts surrounding this finite resource of H2O.

Q: Is it really true that human beings are made up of mostly water?

Green Water Technologies: The average human is between 50% and 75% pure H2O. Babies, however, are born with a nearly 80% body composition of water. Babies have more water in their bodies due to fat stores and softer bones, which contain more water.

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Green Water Technologies | Water Wars

Green Water TechnologiesIn the battle of tap vs. bottled water, there’s a clear winner, say the water experts at Green Water Technologies. Tap water, time and again, has proven superior to its more expensive, cleverly marketed bottled counterparts. And today, more and more consumers are starting to take note as they learn exactly what’s in their bottled water.

Bottled water, straight from the tap

According to Green Water Technologies, bottled water is often just tap water anyway. Many major water bottling companies purchase their water for pennies on the dollar from municipal water supplies. And while this water is treated and purified, it’s often no better from a health or taste standpoint than drinking straight from the tap.

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Green Water Technologies Explains Functions of Water in Human Body

Green Water TechnologiesIt is an undisputed fact that water is essential to life. According to the experts at Green Water Technologies, every living thing requires water in order to stay alive. Here, representatives from the Texas-based water filtration service provider answer questions about water and life.

Q: Why is it so important that humans drink enough water?

Green Water Technologies: Water carries nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body. It eases the burden on the liver and kidneys by flushing waste products. Water helps regulate body temperature, ensuring that we don’t overheat in extreme climates. Water plays a major role in every system of the body; without it, life could not exist.

Q: Does water interact with nutrients and minerals?

Green Water Technologies: Water works 24 hours a day to dissolve minerals and nutrients, making them more absorbable and accessible to the body. Water is considered a universal solvent and can break down virtually everything we ingest to either distribute it throughout our systems or purge it from our bodies.

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Green Water Technologies Discusses Unusual Water Facts

Green Water TechnologiesWater is literally everywhere. In the ground; in the air. It’s an unavoidable substance. But, for all we know about this essential life liquid, there’s a lot most people don’t realize. In the following Q&A, Green Water Technologies opens up about some of the lesser-known facts floating around within the Earth’s water supply.

Q: How much of a contaminant does it take to render fresh water undrinkable?

Green Water Technologies: That depends on the substance. For instance, a single gallon of gasoline will taint 750,000 gallons of water. Water is remarkably resilient, however, and cleans itself through what is known as the Water Cycle. This system is so efficient that if human pollution were halted today, it would only take 10 years to clear 98% of the Earth’s groundwater. But with 500 new chemicals being developed each year, chances of that happening are slim. Continue reading